The OMS Method

A true mould removal expert will tell you that dry ice is the best way to eradicate mould. And that’s exactly what we use. Dry ice is not only extremely effective in destroying mould, it’s environmentally, electronically, people and pet friendly. For these reasons, it is the preferred method for mould removal. We also employ various other means of abrasive cleaning methods, where dry ice is not a viable technique. After a free visual inspection is conducted, we can perform an indoor air quality test to properly assess your home and decide on a plan of attack.


Dry ice is frozen CO2 in a solid form, which upon contact, it sublimates, which in turn explodes mould spores so they can’t reproduce. Once the spores are broken up, we use certified mould removal equipment—industrial-strength HEPA vacs—to vacuum up the microscopic pieces. Finally, we fog the area with an environmentally friendly, people-and-pet safe antimicrobial solution to ensure that any remaining spores are killed.

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We use the dry ice mould removal process for substantial mould contamination. If our initial home assessment reveals a minor problem—for example, mould around your window sills—we abrasively clean the area with an antimicrobial solution. There is no need to vacate your house for this type of cleaning. However, if mould remediation requires dry ice, we may ask that you leave your house for a short time as the CO2 from the dry ice displaces the oxygen as it is a heavier element. We will cover your floors and ensure your furnace is off to prevent cross-contamination.


We also work hard to educate people on mould and how to prevent it.
Find out more about mould myths.


We can perform various testing including – Indoor Air Quality Testing, Radon, Asbestos, Methane Gas, Toxic VOC’s, Mould, Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide.
We can also Remove & Remediate – Mould, Asbestos Type 1 & 2, Vermiculite (Asbestos Free)


ontario mould specialists


ontario mould specialists