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Dealing with Mould

Choosing the Right Mould Removal Specialist

Finding mould in your home can be alarming. Is your family safe? How much time and work will it take to remove the infestation and return your home to a safe and happy haven? Unless you’re a mould expert you are at the mercy of contractors who assure you they can remove the issue.

Your home needs to be inspected and treated by an experienced professional. Someone who isn’t properly trained could use improper coverings or make the mistake of carrying polluted materials through the house, which can contaminate the rest of your house.

At Ontario Mould Specialists, our commitment is to our customers. We want you to have an understanding of where your issue started, how we’re going to fix it, and the peace of mind of knowing that our work is guaranteed. With so many mould removal services available it’s hard to know the right professional to choose.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself when choosing a mould removal professional:

Understand the Mould Removal Process – Information is power!

For those not in the industry, it’s hard to know the scope of the work at hand. Finding a patch of mould can seem like an enormous undertaking but could be contained in a small area that’s easily handled with a mould cleaner and a bit of elbow grease. Our process involves a thorough inspection to identify the problem, removal of the issue, and then remediation of the mould. We use dry ice, which can be more effective and inexpensive than soda blasting, as dry ice removes the issue faster and requires far fewer man-hours for cleanup, saving us time and money! For instance, it can take five to six days to wire brush an attic with mould, whereas it only takes one day to use dry ice.

Check For Certifications

When trusting someone with the health of your home it’s important to know that they are certified to deal with your specific issue. If mould spores are not treated properly, they can multiply and eventually cause serious health complications. Mould is difficult to eradicate without the proper procedures completed by people who are trained specifically in the field of mould remediation. There is currently one certifying body right now, The American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC), which offers Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI) and Certified Microbial Remediator (CMR) classifications. Any contractor unwilling to share their certifications should set off a warning bell.

Ask Why

Why do you need to pay for a quote? Why does the contractor use the mould removal method they do? What is a breakdown of the removal cost? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep asking until you feel confident you’ve found the right person to complete your remediation. Ask for referrals, ask about their experience and if all of their technicians are certified. Click here to view our certifications or read what our satisfied customers have to say.

Look At A Company’s Work Ethic

Some professionals will try to talk you into unneeded services. For instance, doing air quality testing when the issue is clearly visible. When we take on a mould removal project we always try to choose the best method for the job. It’s not our goal to upsell our customers on pricey inspections or removals they don’t need. Our job is to return your home to its previously healthy state. Upon inspection, if we can see mould then there’s no need for an air quality test, however, if mould is not visually present but a mouldy odour is apparent, an air quality test will identify the issue.

Make Sure You Understand The Warranty

No one can promise that mould will never come back. Conditions can change and a new issue can present itself. Mould is everywhere and if the conditions are right for a new situation it will return. We guarantee our work for the conditions we dealt with and our certificate of remediation is transferable from owner to owner or tenant to tenant.

In the end, by asking the right questions and making an informed decision, you will get fast and effective help with your mould problem. Contact us today for a FREE consultation for your mould removal project.