Mould Remediation

Mould remediation services are concerned with both destructive and constructive processes concerning home infestations. The word ‘remediation’ itself is defined as reversing or stopping some kind of damage; This means that it is not only imperative to destroy mould, but to also restore property to its pre-infected state. This process can only be accomplished with the tools that OMS possesses, which are: moisture detection, dry ice blasting, and fogging. Followed in sequence, OMS can first identify the ripe conditions for mould growth within a home. Following this, the physical mould structure is destroyed via ‘dry ice blasting’, which uses precise blasts of solid CO2 to destroy mould spores without damaging any property. Finally, the practice of ‘fogging’ the environment with anti-microbial spray ensures that no left-over spores can regrow.


Mould is one of those tricky, unseen threats that can slip past our normal perceptions; One spore may land under a floorboard, or find its way burrowed inconspicuously under wallpaper. By the time the mould has grown visible, damage has already been caused- if it is even in a noticeable place.

This is why accurate testing with precise instruments is integral to successful mould removal and remediation. You simply cannot fix a mould problem if sections of its growth remain undetected. OMS utilises instruments that can see through solid structures (infrared camera) to detect mould, or others specialized for gases like radon and methane. Sometimes test samples can be grabbed with tape lifts to find completely inconspicuous spore growth before it has a chance to germinate. All of these combined ensure that your home's air quality remains pure despite a majority of these threats being invisible.


Contrary to what you may think, water is often more destructive than fire. If your basement suddenly floods, there is an immediate issue of removing the water before it sits and stagnates. Despite this, the damage incurred upon flooding is not finished even when all of the floodwater is removed. Even minimal amounts of time are enough to allow water to seep into microscopic cracks unnoticed, to be absorbed into wooden beams, or even crawl its way up wallpaper. In other words, even a quick clean-up presents itself as setting up major problems in the future long after its resolution.

OMS will remove and waterproof a flooded basement in order to prevent these future damages. Services included are drying, cleaning, and basement crack waterproofing.

Attic Insulation

Attic space is often used for storing items and being lined with insulation to increase energy efficiency. While it has its uses, these forgotten spaces are also an excellent breeding ground for mould. Hot, humid air is known to rise and collect in attics, providing the perfect temperature needed to sustain its growth. Likewise the soft, spongy substance that insulation is made out of can serve as food for microorganisms to consume/ grow off of, and further spread to the structural integrity of your roof.

OMS offers full remediation of attic spaces by removing and replacing insulation at an affordable price. This allows for mould removal to occur without damaging the energy efficiency of your home.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a dated, and very dangerous building material that occasionally is found lurking in older buildings. Slightly disturbing the material can cause it to flake into microscopic particles, which can cause acute respiratory illness if inhaled. It also has a bad reputation which can equally spread to your business if it is found in your property.

OMS offers professional and discreet asbestos removal to ensure the safety of any living situation.

Did you know most mould is invisible?

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