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Mould Testing/Inspection

Mould is a sneaky and elusive unseen threat that can slip past our everyday perceptions. One tiny spore may land under a floorboard or burrow inconspicuously under wallpaper, and by the time the mould is visible, the damage has already occurred. And that’s assuming it’s in a visible or noticeable location.

Accurate testing with precise instruments is integral to successful mould removal and remediation. You simply cannot fix a mould problem if sections of its growth remain undetected. Ontario Mould Specialists use instruments that can see through solid structures (infrared cameras) to detect possible areas of hot and cold temperatures that could cause moisture and mould. Tape lifts can be used to test samples and find completely inconspicuous spore growth before it has a chance to germinate.

All of these tactics used by Ontario Mould Specialists ensure that your home’s air quality remains pure. For reliable Mould Testing in Mississauga, trust our specialized services.

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Air Testing For Your Health

It is critical that the air we breathe is clean, fresh and free from contaminants. Unfortunately, our indoor environment tends to be more polluted than outdoor air. Poor air quality (filled with particulates) can be the source of major health problems such as allergies, respiratory diseases, and even minor ailments like eye irritation and headaches. Airborne mould spores are additionally sinister since their floating can allow them to latch onto foreign objects and bloom. With the right conditions (humidity, moisture, lack of ventilation, and available food) these spores can create an unseen problem.

It is important to test the air we breathe. In fact, over 95% of particulates cannot be seen by the naked eye. Air testing or air monitoring is the only way to accurately determine the indoor air quality in your business or home.

As certified air quality testing professionals, we can test your environment and ensure clean and healthy breathing. Call Ontario Mould Specialists today.

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Tape Lift and Bulk Testing

To detect non-visible mould and asbestos in your home, work and school, we offer surface sampling through tape lift and bulk testing. Sometimes mould and asbestos do not make themselves known in an obvious way, but it is still negatively affect the air you breathe.

Tape testing is a simple and inexpensive test that uses clear adhesive tape to collect samples from surfaces. Bulk samples require a small sample of the material that contains contaminants. Once the inspector gathers enough samples, they are sent to a lab for analysis.

These are common, easy and inexpensive ways to get an initial sampling of surface particles. Our team uses these methods to gain valuable insight such as mould species, contamination degree, and potential airborne spore growth.

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 Tape Lift
Radon Testing

Mould is not the only unseen, deadly threat. Radon gas also spreads throughout the air and is a naturally occurring, odourless and tasteless gas that has radioactive properties. This gas can sometimes seep into your home through cracks, crevices and other damages to your home’s foundation.

As a result, prolonged exposure to this gas can cause acute toxicological effects such as lung cancer. Ontario Mould Specialists can help protect you by using an electronic radon monitor to detect trace amounts of the substance. This is a smart choice when buying a new home.

Our team understands the importance of testing for radon, methane and other toxic VOCs etc and ensuring your family is safe. If you have not had your home tested, call us today.

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Radon Testing
Thermal Detection

Sometimes moisture detection is not enough to truly reveal the presence of mould. Structures can get in the way, preventing non-invasive investigations of your home.

Thermal detection solves this problem by using an infrared camera, to detect moisture and water intrusion through walls and floorboards. This allows for targeted remediation without unnecessary destruction.

Equipped with an infrared camera, our professional team will inspect hard-to-reach areas like behind walls or underneath floors for suspected mould growth without doing any damage to your home. The differences in temperature between wet and dry areas show up in the thermal images which sometimes, are not seen with the naked eye.

With early detection, we can prevent further damage caused by moisture intrusion, such as mould growth, before it becomes apparent and more serious. If you’re concerned about moisture in your home, call Ontario Mould Specialists today to book your free quote.

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Did you know most mould is invisible?

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Did you know most mould is invisible?