Air Quality Testing Ontario

It is Critical that the Indoor Air we Breathe is Clean, Fresh and Free from Contaminants. Unfortunately, our indoor environment tends to be more polluted than outdoor air. Poor air quality (filled with particulates) can be the source of major health problems such as allergies, respiratory diseases, and even minor ailments like eye irritation and headaches. Airborne mould spores are additionally sinister since their floating can allow them to latch onto foreign objects and bloom. With the right conditions (humidity, moisture, lack of ventilation, and available food) can create an unseen problem. It is important to test the air we breathe. In fact over 95% of particulates cannot be seen by the naked eye. Air testing or air monitoring is the only way to accurately determine the indoor air quality in your business or home.

Whether you’re at home, work or school, a building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical to your comfort and health. As Ontario air quality testing professionals, we will be pleased to do Air Quality Testing for you.

Tape lift and Bulk Testing

For non-visible mold and asbestos at your home, work and school, we offer surface samplings through tape lift and bulk testing. Sometimes mould/ asbestos does not make itself known in such an obvious way, but is still negatively effecting the air you breath. A simple, inexpensive way for testing if this is the case is with tape and bulk testing.

Tape testing is when a clear adhesive tape is used on surfaces to collect samples. Bulk samples are a cut one-to-two-inch material that contains contaminants. Once the inspector gathers enough samples, they are sent to a lab for analysis.

Radon Testing

Something that is unseen, but just as deadly as mould growth that spreads throughout the air is radon. Radon is a naturally occurring odourless and tasteless gas that has radioactive properties. This gas can sometimes seep into your home through cracks, crevices and other damages to your home’s foundation.

As a result, being trapped and exposed to this gas can cause acute toxicological effects such as lung cancer. OMS can use an electronic radon monitor to detect trace amounts of the substance, which is a practice that is important when buying a new home.

Thermal Detection

Sometimes moisture detection is not enough to truly investigate the presence of mould. Structures can get in the way, which prevents non-invasive investigations of the home.

Thermal detection solves this problem through utilizing an infrared camera that can detect moisture and water intrusion through walls and floorboards. In this way a targeted remediation can occur without destroying anything unnecessarily.

Toxic VOC Testing

Do paint odors and air freshener fragrances delight you? Be careful though. These are Volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

It is common to use household chemical cleaners and aerosols to freshen your interior space. These products contain pleasant-smelling chemicals that seem harmless enough as long as you do not directly eat them. However, these compounds can pose a threat if built up enough.

VOCs from common office items like permanent markers, copiers and printers, correction fluids, glues, and permanent markers can eventually build up indoors. These concentrations are 2 to 5 times higher than outside concentrations, and can even reach up to 1000 times the concentration.

OMS specializes in testing for all kinds of air particulates, including unsuspecting ones.

Methane Gas Testing

A Deadly Greenhouse Gas Could be Lurking in Your Home Although this gas is uncommon to appear in a household, external factors can influence methane gas infiltration and build-up. Having a house located near a swamp can lead to methane build up due to its natural occurrence in bogs as trapped gas pockets. Likewise, living adjacent to a landfill can cause the same problem to the contents of items within the space. Methane is a noxious and highly flammable gas that can cause explosions, so testing is proactive.

Did you know most mould is invisible?

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