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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibrous mineral. It is resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion, which makes it very useful. In fact, asbestos was used extensively as an insulator in construction projects until the 1970s. It was also used to strengthen materials like cloth, paper, cement, and plastic. However, it was discovered that exposure to asbestos is highly toxic to people.

Health Risks

When disturbed, microscopic particles can flake off, creating airborne asbestos dust and fibres, which can then be inhaled or ingested. These particles become trapped in the body. They never dissolve, and it is extremely difficult for the body to expel them. Over time, these trapped fibres can cause inflammation, scarring, and genetic damage to the body’s cells. Asbestos can also cause cancer. With each exposure, asbestos accumulates in the body with no way to reverse the damage it inflicts.

While no amount of asbestos exposure is safe, those who experience the most significant health implications are those with intense concentration exposure or regular exposure over an extended period. If you suspect asbestos in your property, consider professional asbestos testing in Toronto.

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Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Since 1980, asbestos products have been phased out in favour of safer alternatives, so it is not an issue with newer buildings. However, it can occasionally be found lurking in older buildings. Common areas to test and remove asbestos include pipe wrap, floor tiles, and vermiculite. In addition to the direct health effects, asbestos also has a bad reputation, which can spread to your business if it is found on your property.

Ontario Mould Specialists are qualified professionals, having passed the required safety courses to effectively perform asbestos abatement in type 1 and type 2 work environments. Our professional team will safely and discreetly remove asbestos using unmarked vans and adhering to WSIB compliance.

To ensure the safety of your living or working environment, call Ontario Mould Specialists today for a free quote on asbestos removal in Mississauga and Toronto.

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Did you know most mould is invisible?