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Contrary to what you may think, water is often more destructive than fire. If you have a flood in your basement, there is an immediate need to remove the water before it stagnates. However, the damage from flooding is not finished even when all of the floodwater is removed. Water can seep into microscopic cracks unnoticed, absorb into wooden beams, or even crawl its way up wallpaper. Even a quick reaction and cleanup still allow for major problems in the future if it’s not done properly.

Ontario Mould Specialists will remove and waterproof a flooded basement in order to prevent future damage. As a trusted Water Remediation Company, we specialize in comprehensive solutions for Water Damage Cleanup. Our team ensures complete water damage remediation, addressing risks and preventing long-term issues.

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Flooded House
Flooding? Act Fast

When flooding occurs in your home, it is difficult to react fast enough to prevent water damage as well as the spread of mould. Water follows the path of least resistance and can very quickly spread from a small leak to a major problem.

Stagnant water can seep into wallpaper, drywall, carpet, and floors. This not only causes structural warping but also creates the perfect environment for mould to further deteriorate your home’s integrity.

When flooding occurs, act quickly and call Ontario Mould Specialists for effective flood-cleaning services to address water damage and prevent mould.

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Basement Waterproofing

Water and Flood Restoration

Our professionally trained team has the specialized equipment required to complete the job from start to finish.

  • Inspect the affected area to understand the full extent of the damage

  • Remove and dispose of water-logged and damaged materials such as drywall, carpet and flooring

  • Properly clean all surfaces

  • Restore your home to pre-flood conditions

Dealing with a flood is not a fun process for any homeowner. But, failing to clean up properly will extend the frustration with more problems in the future. Call Ontario Mould Specialists for your free quote today.

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Did you know most mould is invisible?

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Did you know most mould is invisible?