Mould Remediation

Dry Ice Blasting Ontario

A True Mould Removal Expert Will Tell you That Dry Ice is the Best Way to Eradicate Mould
Mould removal is a practice which requires precision and expansive cleaning techniques in order to effectively combat easily-spreadable mould spores. This often requires the use of ‘abrasive cleaning’ techniques which physically demolish the specimen with chemicals. If the concentration of mould within a structure is considered too great however, a stronger solution is required…


Moisture and Humidity Readings

Anticipation and prevention is often a more effective medicine compared to finding a ‘cure’ or treatment. The same is true for mould growth, which means that the best way to fight mould is to make sure the growth conditions are impossible in the first place.

For mould, moisture and humidity levels in a home determine whether or not spores can germinate. OMS uses moisture meters to detect any signs of moisture in the air or hidden pockets present in unsuspecting corners. In terms of measurement, the ideal percentage of humidity should be 30% to 50%, while any readings higher than 60% supports mould growth.


When dealing with spores, it is important to realize the near-invisible nature of this biological substance. These particles float unseen throughout the air, attach to structures, and eventually reproduce. By the time the mould has become visible, remediation is required. This shows just how difficult it is to keep this spread under control through normal means.

With this in mind, it is clear that one of the more effective ways of combating spores is to use a substance which can clean even open-air spaces that cannot be physically grasped. The solution is the utilization of a process often used in pest-control called ‘fogging’ to kill mosquitoes and other insects. Fogging is a procedure which does the same thing, but to mould spores and particulates by spraying anti-microbial aerosols into the open air. The solution used is environmental, people, and pet-safe, while still being able to trap and kill any floating spores in its path.

Did you know most mould is invisible?

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