What do Professionals Use to Kill Mould?

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The health risks of mould, especially for people with compromised lung conditions, make the decision to call upon a professional to ensure the best cleaning, an easy one.

Even though the techniques used to eliminate mould professionally are not complicated, it is imperative the process is carried out by a licensed, properly trained, and professional company.
The right mould remediation specialist has been in business a long time, with years of experience to know what to expect in different circumstances, and has access to the expensive and professional equipment required.

The best remediator restores your property to its pre-infected state which requires a final gold star treatment. It is these processes of Dry Ice Blasting and anti-microbial fogging spray that, although cost a little more money, is worthwhile for your peace of mind.

Professionals ensure and provide a warranty stating your home is free of the mould you are currently addressing.

Get a few price quotes

  • It is necessary to get a ‘Pre Test’ identifying the kind of mould and the amount of mould spores in the air.
  • The only way to prove that mould spores within the contaminated area are gone is to have that preliminary baseline test against which a final ’Clearance Test’ can be measured.
  • You should expect to pay a mid to higher price; professionals have liability insurance, workman’s compensation, and other overhead costs that someone, who has no license ensuring their process-abilities, does not.
  • Prices will vary depending on whether you decide to have further procedures such as Dry Ice Blasting or
    Fogging done.
  • If the mould does not cover an expansive area, you should try to tackle it yourself. Read our blog post on ‘Green How-Tos’ here.

What do professionals do to kill mould?

  • If you smell a mouldy and musty odour, if it seems like it might be on a whole building level, you may need to determine where exactly it is. This determination is done correctly, using advanced air quality technology that only experts will have available.
  • Professionals will seal off the work area with plastic sheeting to control the movement of the mould spores.
  • They wear complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • HEPA air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, and commercial-grade dehumidifiers are then employed to remove the final spore-laden moisture from the air.
  • You can have Dry Ice Blasting and Anti-Microbial Fogging done, the ‘Gold Stamp of Mould Elimination’.
  • There are several instances when Dry Ice Blasting makes sense.

A science class with Dry Ice

When Dry Ice Blasting makes the best sense for mould clean-up:

Remember those spooky Halloween effects of dry ice? We have long loved the Harry Potter effects of frozen carbon dioxide.

Dry ice’s incredibly low temperature also happens to make it a perfect mould-cleaning substance. There is no melting of the dry ice, just its frozen benefits.

This practice is called ‘Dry Ice Blasting.’ Using a high-pressure delivery system, it creates an explosive effect that dislodges contaminants, turning them into an inert residue, and leaving behind a pristine and dry surface.

  • There is no liquid involved with dry ice blasting, so it is perfect for a delicate or sensitive surface that may have historical value or be near electrical outlets. The delivery speed of the pellets is adjusted to prevent surface damage. Please bring your needs to the attention of your operator; assumptions can lead to disappointments.
  • The dry ice itself vaporizes during the blasting process, which also meets any non-invasive product demands.

The dried mould residue is taken away with industrial-strength HEPA vacuums.

  • Its effectiveness at removing microorganisms is so exceptional that the process is government-approved as a cleaning method in the food industry.
  • The pressurized method gets into nooks and crannies, making brushes and long-handled tools unnecessary.
  • It is non-corrosive, so it does not damage the integrity of the surface.
  • It is your VERY green alternative. Ontario Mould Specialists cares about your and our children’s future by using the least amount of chemicals necessary.

A little boy holds a black and white kitten on his shoulder

There is no need for concern while the Dry Ice Blasting method is employed in your home.

Although our certified and professional technicians use dry ice, safety precautions are put in place to protect you and our personnel.

Our operators wear hearing protection to guard against the high noise of the cleaning equipment. Gloves and face shields protect them against the extreme cold of the dry ice. You and your family are asked to vacate your home while the work is done.

The effective mould remediation process of ‘Dry Ice Blasting’ is under Ontario Mould Specialists’ exclusive certification.

Contact Ontario Mould Specialists with your mould concerns. We are mould specialists and use only the best quality products available in Canada.

We will never over-quote you or suggest procedures beyond what the mould issue requires.


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