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Scared of the mould present in your home or office? You are not alone. Mould can cause health risks that can be life-threatening, such as allergies and respiratory problems, along with more severe health issues. That is why Ontario Mould Specialists are here at your service. We prioritize your health and provide emergency response for all our services- Inspection, Mould Remediation, Attic Insulation, Flooding and Asbestos Removal.


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We are committed to getting it right the first time. For Mould Removal Services Waterloo, Trust OMS to eliminate mould from your surroundings. Dial 510-582-3333 now!

  • Trusted Attic Removal Services

    Allow us to clear your air with our professional attic insulation services in Waterloo.

  • Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

    Our mould remediation services in Waterloo can effectively restore the market value and appeal of your home.

  • Enhance The Air Quality of Your Place

    Our mould treatment services in Waterloo ensure easy breathing and a healthy atmosphere.

  • Expert Flooding Restoration Services

    Our flooding restoration services in Waterloo offer fast cleanup, drying and restoration solutions for you.

Protect Your Home and Health with Our Trusted Services

Expert Solutions for Mould, Flooding, Asbestos, and more.

  • Inspection/Testing

    Peace of Mind starts here! We offer comprehensive inspection for mould using advanced technology in various locations like corners, walls, and many other ares. Schedule your appointment with us and start breathing fresh air again.

  • Mould Remediation

    Make your home healthy with expert technicians and environment-friendly methods. Don’t let hidden moulds present on walls and corners endanger your family’s health with our mould removal services in Waterloo.

  • Flooding

    Don’t allow accumulated water from floods, rains, and leaky taps to stay any longer. Consult our experts for immediate flood recovery. We leave your basement dry and clean and ensure it is waterproof.

  • Asbestos Removal

    Say goodbye to the potential health risks of Asbestos roof and its elements, and live without any worries. We safely remove and dispose of it to ensure a healthy environment.

  • Attic Insulation

    Convert your attic into an asset. Increase your energy efficiency and prevent mould with proper strategies for mould prevention and attic insulation.

Our Speciality

  • Residential Services

    Mould can be found in both open and enclosed areas of homes. With our top-notch residential mould removal services in Waterloo, you can ensure safe and breathable air with the help of advanced containment and air filtration, targeted mould retrieval techniques, moisture control and source correction, and post-remediation verification for better results.

  • Commercial Services

    Make your workplace safe and productive and improve your office environment. Prevent the pollutants from hampering your workplace efficiency by enlisting our mould remediation services.

Simple Steps, Long-Term Benefits

  • Inspection/Testing

    Our advanced inspection techniques expose hidden mould, even if it’s not visible. Don’t let mould lurk undetected, impacting your family’s health.

  • Containment

    Before starting with remediation, we seal off affected areas meticulously to avoid further mould growth and safeguard your indoor environment.

  • Removal

    Our experts meticulously remove all traces of mould with the help of safe and effective methods. This ensures a long-lasting solution.

  • Protection

    After removal, we apply specialized treatments that eliminate the chances of mould returning to your surroundings, thus offering long-lasting protection for your home.

  • Drying

    We make use of advanced drying techniques to eliminate moisture deeply. This ensures an environment where moisture cannot survive.

  • Verification

    We ensure nothing is left behind when it comes to mould. We verify every aspect of the remediation process carefully to guarantee complete satisfaction, with the help of air tests at the end of the process.

Welcome a breath of fresh air at your place with our expert mould removal services in Waterloo


Committed to Ensure a Healthy Living

Are you scared of hidden dangers inside your home? Mould Spores, Flood Damage, Asbestos Fibres, etc can compromise the health and peace of mind of your family. However, there’s a ray of hope. Ontario Mould Specialists not only recognize threats, we eliminate them with our expertise and care.

Focused on making your home healthy, we assure you:
  • Responsive communication,

  • On-time arrivals

  • Guaranteed results

  • Transparent Process

  • Professional support

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of mould in my home?

Mould can be found in the following things:

  • A) Stains
  • B) Moisture Stains
  • C) Materials that can warp and peel off

How long does mould removal take?

The duration of mould removal depends upon various factors. This process can take anywhere between a few hours to two weeks according to the situation of mould growth inside your home.

How often should I get my attic inspected?

You won’t need to get your attic checked often, as we clean the area thoroughly after conducting the process to ensure the moulds cannot regrow or breed again inside the surroundings.

If there is asbestos inside my home, what should I do?

If you find asbestos inside your home, you should quickly contact our Asbestos Removal Services and ensure you breathe fresh air.

How does mould removal work?

Our mould removal experts ensure the proper elimination of unhealthy elements inside your home. If there is an invisible mould, we conduct air quality tests and tape lifts to address the presence of invisible mould.