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Tape Lift And Bulk Testing

For not visible mold and asbestos at your home, work and school, we offer surface samplings through tape lift and bulk testing.

These are common, easy and inexpensive ways to get initial sampling of surface particles.
A tape lift uses a clear adhesive tape to collect samples. While bulk sample is a cut one to two-inch material with the contaminants on it. Once our inspector had collected surface particles, the samples would be sent to the laboratory for microscopic examination for analysis.

The workmen were awesome. Very diligent and thorough. We are very appreciative of how they completed the work and how they reassured us of the processes. Thank you

Mark & Kathy, Baltimore

These methods provide valuable information such as mold species, contamination degree, and potential airborne spore growth.

Did you know most mould is invisible?

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Did you know most mould is invisible?