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Dry Ice Blasting Ontario

A True Mould Removal Expert Will Tell you That Dry Ice is the Best Way to Eradicate Mould

Mould removal is a practice which requires precision and expansive cleaning techniques in order to effectively combat easily spreadable mould spores. This often requires the use of ‘abrasive cleaning’ techniques which physically demolish the specimen with chemicals. If the concentration of mould within a structure is considered too great, however, a stronger solution is required.

The most useful mould removal practice is known as ‘dry ice blasting’ which is utilized for its accurate and destructive capabilities when ‘blasted’ on a surface. Dry ice itself is a solid version of CO2, which when it comes into contact with mould, sublimates. Sublimation is a process which freezes and then destroys the structural composition of mould spores, which negates the stubborn multiplying effects of the substance. The dead, non-multiplying sediment left behind is then vacuumed up with industrial-strength HEPA vacs, which can remove left-behind microscopic pieces invisible to the eye. Finally, the last step of the process to ensure complete eradication is ‘fogging’ the area with an environmental/ pet/ and human-safe anti-microbial mist. The aerosol spreads to every corner and open space where any left-over spores may be hiding and cleanses them.

The use of dry ice blasting may require you to temporarily leave your home due to the emission of heavy CO2 gas (a by-product of the process), however, the substance will be vacuumed/ or dispersed with ease after the process is complete. Additionally, dry ice will not harm/damage/ or soak into physical objects as it only strips off microscopic biological life. When it comes to mould remediation, no chances can be taken. The dry ice blasting process will eradicate and secure any contaminated area.

The two gentlemen that came were wonderful. Thank you.

Cindy, Barrie

Did you know most mould is invisible?

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Did you know most mould is invisible?