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Are you in need of emergency Mould Removal Services? If Yes, Turn To Ontario Mould Specialists (OMS). We are the go to solution in the area for Testing, Mould Removal, Attic Insulation, Flooding, and Asbestos Removal. Whether you are looking for Mould removal Solutions for Home or Office or testing to ensure that the indoor air quality is safe to breathe, our team is always ready to answer your call.

Our Mould Inspector does a Free Visual Assessment of your home to come up with a Free quote for the service.


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You just have to call Ontario Mould Specialists to discuss your issue. We will get the job done – the very first time! For Mould Removal Services in Ontario, OMS will exceed your expectations. call 1-855-667-4968

  • Smelly Attics?

    Let’s inspect and clear that up for you!

  • Are you facing Decline in Property Resale Value?

    Get rid of the Mould to increase the resale value of your Home.

  • Need Help improving the air quality of your Home?

    We are here to give you easy breathing free of Moulds.

  • Having a Flooded basement?

    Remove the water and Waterproof the flooded Basement with expert Help.

Reliable Services

Your partner in giving you a Healthy Home

  • Inspection/Testing

    Discover the hard to find Moulds growing in your home with expert mould Inspection Services. Ensure a Healthy living Environment for you and your Family.

  • Mould Remediation

    Get rid of the mould growing in your living space to ensure the good health of your Family. Trust the Experts for the job.

  • Flooding

    Hire the help of Mould removal specialist to dry, clean and waterproof the cracks of your flooded basement to prevent mould from growing.

  • Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos is a toxic material which, when enters the Human body, causes severe health complications. Get rid of the harmful fibres or flakes with Expert help.

  • Attic Insulation

    Humid air can collect in your attic which provides the best breeding ground for the moulds. Inspect and clean your out of sight attic space with an expert solution.

Our Expertise

  • Home Services

    Mould is a common problem occurring in the open and enclosed spaces of your home. Ensure safe and breathable air for your loved ones with excellent residential mould removal services in Ontario.

  • Office Services

    Improve the health of your office space for a safe and productive working environment. Don’t let the pollutants come in the way of their efficient working.

Streamlined Process with Simple Steps

  • Inspection/Testing

    The first step in any mould removal service is to inspect the growth of the mould and to find out its causes. If there is no visible mould, testing will show if you have a mould problem that you cannot see.”

  • Containment

    Prior to the start of remediation, the affected areas are contained. This prevents cross-contamination to other areas in your home.

  • Removal

    It is the most important and crucial step in the Mould Removal Process.

  • Protection

    After removing the mould, the area is treated to prevent mould spores regrowing on it.

  • Drying

    It is essential to ensure the area is completely dried to prevent any further growth of the moulds in that area.

  • Verification

    Once completed, the affected area will be inspected by our technicians prior to them leaving the property to ensure the mould has been removed successfully.

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Committed to Your Complete Satisfaction

OMS understands that you need the service of an expert to effectively deal with the mould in your home. That is why we go an extra mile to make sure that your home’s environment is returned to a healthier state with our Mould Removal Services.

Our Commitment to Every Client
  • Scheduling of the Service as soon as possible

  • We arrive on Time

  • Results Guaranteed

  • Modern and Advanced tools to inspect and clean your home.

  • Friendly and supportive Experts

Get The Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to remove the Mould from my Attic?

Well, we use the Dry Ice method to remove Moulds from your Home completely. It takes only 1 day to clean an attic as compared to the traditional method, which takes 5-6 days to complete.

When can you come to my home for mould Inspection?

As a Client-centric company, we schedule our appointments as per the needs of our customers. We are available 24x7 to help you out. Just Call us and make a schedule of your wish for us to visit for the inspection.

Will I have to Clean afterwards?

No, you don’t have to. We thoroughly clean after the process to ensure that we do not leave any potential breeding ground for the Moulds to regrow.

Are your mould-removing products, and procedures safe?

We use 100% Green Mould-removing products to clean your Home. We follow safety procedures as per the rules and regulations to ensure not to deteriorate the conditions further.

Can you relieve the Invisible Mould in my Home?

Yes, we can relieve you of the Invisible Mould Problem. If the Mould is not visible, we perform air quality testing or tape lifts to address the Mould problems.