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Tired of dealing with persistent mould issues at your place?

Don’t worry; Ontario Mould Specialists will deal with the stubborn mould once and for all! We have a highly skilled professional team who have a lot of hands-on experience in handling all types of mould infestations. Having the most in-depth knowledge along with the most cutting-edge tools, our mould specialists are more than equipped to get rid of that mould on your premises.

Our mould inspection officer will visit your location and analyze how bad the mould situation is! After assessing thoroughly, they will give you a fair quote with no contractual obligations.


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Our promise? Achieving perfection from the beginning! With Ontario Mould Specialists, you’ll get exceptional mould removal in Mississauga. Call

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  • Suffering from attic mould issues?

    Have complete attic restoration with our top-rated services in Mississauga and breathe fresh air.

  • Concerned about diminishing property resale value?

    With our mould remediation services in Mississauga, avail the opportunity to restore your property’s market value.

  • Want to get better indoor air quality?

    Our thorough mould treatment services in Mississauga will provide a healthy living space for you and your family.

  • Have a flooded basement?

    Don’t worry and let us restore your basement with swift cleanup, comprehensive drying, and amazing restoration according to your requirements.

Safeguard Your Home & Health With Our Dependable Services

Pro Solutions for Mould, Flooding, Asbestos & Beyond

  • Inspection/Testing

    We will have a thorough mould inspection at your location by using innovative technology. Contact us to get our specialized mould assessment and breathe freely in your home or office.

  • Mould Remediation in Mississauga

    Our skilled experts will ensure that you get your healthy home back and that too, in a sustainable way. Say the final goodbye to those concealed moulds with our mould removal services in Mississauga.

  • Flooding

    Floods cause a lot of damage and they can deteriorate the condition of any building further which might get beyond repairing condition. With us, you will get a completely dry and fresh basement with impeccable waterproofing, blocking future mould growth.

  • Asbestos Removal

    It’s time to make asbestos a thing of the past and live stress-free. We will remove the asbestos cautiously and dispose of it to ensure your well-being.

  • Attic Insulation

    Getting insulation for your attic is essential to prevent mould from growing. Call us today to get the perfect attic insulation.

mould remediation services in mississauga

Our Area of Expertise

  • mississauga residential

    Residential Services

    Mould is commonly found in both covered and uncovered sections of the houses. With our premium residential mould services in Mississauga, you will once again breathe freely in your home without stressing about any health concerns due to mould.

  • mississauga commercial

    Commercial Services

    Improve the well-being of yourself and your team members with commercial mould removal in Mississauga. Make your workspace a lot more productive and show the door to mould.

Streamlined Process, Enduring Results

  • Inspection/Testing

    With our proven inspection techniques, we will find the invisible mould and detect every corner of your premises for mould.

  • Containment

    Even before the removal process starts, we seal off the impacted areas so that mould doesn’t spread further and protect your living space.

  • Removal

    We get rid of every trace of mould with our safe and everlasting techniques, ensuring a long-term solution.

  • Protection

    Once the removal is done, we use advanced methods so that the mould spores won’t ever return, and you get a solution for years to come.

  • Drying

    Our innovative drying techniques can thoroughly eliminate moisture, making an environment where mould can’t survive.

  • Verification

    We carefully verify each part of the removal process so that your requirements are met. At last, the air quality test is done along with providing you with the verification certificate.

Experience a revitalized space with our professional mould removal services in Mississauga.


mould remediation services in mississauga

Devoted To Safeguard Your Home & Health

Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us, and we ensure that our mould removal services surpass your expectations. From the instant you contact us for mould removal, expect empathetic communication, fair pricing, and a proficient mould removal process. Our services will be tailored according to your precise requirements. We will leave your property completely refreshed, and it’s our guarantee that you will be satisfied with our end results.

Dedicated to providing you with a healthier home:-
  • Prompt communication

  • Punctual arrivals

  • Assured results

  • Clear processes

  • Expert guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I have mould in my basement. Does that affect the mould removal process?

Basements are a common area for mould growth due to potential moisture problems. The process for our mould removal technicians won’t change significantly, but they may need to take extra steps to address any sources of moisture in your basement, such as leaky windows or foundation cracks.

I’m concerned about the safety of mould removal in my condo, especially with shared walls. How do you ensure it’s contained?

We understand the importance of containment in multi-unit buildings like condos. Our technicians use advanced air filtration systems and negative air pressure techniques to prevent mould spores from spreading to other units. We will also discuss the process with any potentially affected neighbours beforehand.

After a recent storm, I noticed mould growth in my attic. Can you remove mould from the insulation?

Yes, our mould removal process can address mould growth on insulation. However, the extent of the removal may depend on the severity of the mould and the type of insulation. In some cases, complete removal and replacement of the insulation may be necessary. We will assess the situation and provide you with the best course of action.

I’m worried about the cost of mould removal. Do you offer financing options?

The cost of mould removal can vary depending on the size and severity of the infestation. We understand that this can be a financial burden. While we don’t directly offer financing, we can provide you with a detailed quote upfront and work with you to develop a cost-effective solution for your mould problem. We may also be able to recommend financing options from third-party providers.

After the mould removal in my home is complete, do I need to do anything else?

Following a successful mould removal in your property, we will recommend steps you can take to prevent mould from returning. This may include improving ventilation, addressing any underlying moisture issues, and using mould-resistant materials during repairs. We can also provide guidance on cleaning and maintaining your home to minimize the risk of future mould growth.