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Is mould wreaking havoc in your home?

Picture this: You walk into your home after a long day, ready to unwind, but instead of relaxation, you’re greeted by the musty smell of mould. It’s not just a horrible sight; it’s a health hazard taking place in the corners, threatening the safety of your loved ones. But imagine a home free from mould’s grip. A space where you can breathe easy, and your home remains pristine. With our expert London
mould removal services, that dream can become your reality.

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The Ultimate Answers To Your Home’s Mould Problems

  • Struggling with attic mould problems?

    Let us revive your attic’s former glory with our expert
    attic insulation services in London.

  • Worried about the declining resale value of your property?

    Our London mould remediation service is your ticket to restoring your home’s market appeal

  • Want cleaner air quality in your home?

    Our London mould treatment services promise fresher air and a healthier environment.

  • Facing a flooded basement nightmare?

    Our London
    flooding restoration service guarantees swift cleanup, drying, and restoration solutions tailored just for you.

Safeguard Your Home and Well-being with Our Dependable Services

Full-Proof Solutions for Mould, Flooding, Asbestos, & More

  • Inspection and Testing

    Benefit from a thorough mould inspection utilizing cutting-edge technology. Schedule your assessment today, and prepare to breathe freely once more.

  • Mould Remediation

    Restore the health of your home with our team of certified technicians and environmentally friendly techniques. Don’t let hidden mould jeopardize your family’s well-being. Trust our mould removal company in London to tackle the issue head-on.

  • Flooding Solutions

    Don’t allow
    flood damage to linger any longer. Entrust our experts for immediate flood recovery services. We’ll swiftly dry, clean, and waterproof your basement, effectively preventing future mould growth.

  • Asbestos Abatement

    Bid farewell to asbestos-related worries once and for all. Our safe and thorough removal and disposal processes are designed to protect your health along with giving you peace of mind.

  • Attic Enhancement

    Transform your attic into an energy-efficient haven. With proper insulation and mould prevention strategies, you can prevent mould growth effectively.

mould remediation services in london

Our Service Areas

  • london residential

    For Homes

    Mould can be anywhere in your home. But with our top-rated residential mould removal services in London, Ontario, you can ensure your loved ones enjoy safe and clean air every day.

  • london commercial

    For Businesses

    Keep your office space healthy and productive by banishing mould. With our expert commercial services, you’ll have an environment where efficiency thrives.

Effortless Solutions, Everlasting Benefits

  • Inspection and Testing

    Utilizing cutting-edge inspection methods, we uncover hidden mould, even when it’s out of sight. Don’t let undetected mould compromise your family’s well-being.

  • Containment

    Before we start the remediation process, we seal off affected areas meticulously to halt further mould spread and protect your indoor environment.

  • Mould Removal

    Our skilled technicians eliminate all traces of mould using safe and efficient techniques, ensuring a comprehensive and enduring solution.

  • Protective Measures

    Following removal, we apply specialized treatments to prevent mould spores from reoccurring, providing enduring protection for your home.

  • Drying Techniques

    We employ advanced drying methods to eliminate moisture thoroughly, creating an environment inhospitable to mould growth.

  • Verification

    Leaving no detail unchecked, we meticulously verify every aspect of the remediation process to ensure your total satisfaction. Air testing at the project’s conclusion and issuance of a lab analysis certificate is part of our commitment to excellence.

Say Hello to Clean Air at Home with Our Expert Mould Removal Services in London.


mould remediation services in london

Dedicated to Provide You with a Healthy Living Space

Concerned about the unseen hazards that may be present in your home? From mould spores to flood damage and asbestos fibres, these threats can jeopardize your family’s well-being. But fear not, because Ontario Mould Specialists are here not only to identify these hidden dangers but also to eliminate them with our expertise and dedication.

We’ll ensure the health of your home with the following promises:
  • Prompt Communication

  • Punctuality Assurance

  • Results You Can Count On

  • Clear Process Transparency

  • Expert Guidance