How Dry Ice Blasting Gets Rid of Mould

No one appreciates having mould inside of their home. That being the case, it’s not uncommon for this pesky invader to simply let itself in and wreak havoc on your humble abode.

Mould is a terrible thing to have in your house, not only because it is a sight for sore eyes, but also because it can destroy your property and even cause health and breathing problems for you and the ones that you live with.

With this said, you need to find a way to keep mould – and the chances of it growing in your home – down to a minimum. The problem is that there are many solutions on the market, but most provide mediocre results at best.

Most of them, that is, except for dry ice blasting. Ice blasting is a tried and true method that’s extremely effective against killing mould and mould spores and keeping them from growing in the house. Keep reading to find out how it works.

Dry Ice Blasting Uses Carbon Dioxide to Clean

Most other mould cleaning compounds rely on a complicated formula of materials that only an experienced scientist can pronounce. Ice blasting uses a very simple and effective material known as carbon dioxide, or CO2, to fight off mould.

Carbon dioxide is a common compound found in equipment such as refrigerators and fire extinguishers. It is usually used in its gaseous form, but in its solid form, it becomes dried ice, the material used to remove the mould.

CO2 is essentially harmless to you or your family, especially when used in small doses. In fact, the only thing that should really be afraid of would be the mould itself, as the solution kills these off and leaves the remaining area free of their traces.

It’s also Safer on Surfaces

Not only is ice blasting more effective than any other form of mould removal, but it’s also the safest in your home.

Many other methods such as sand basting cause damage to your surfaces that you will have to repair. However, ice blasting’s carbon dioxide evaporates soon after the blasting is done, leaving an unharmed surface in its wake.

You’re also able to use your electronics right after the process is done unlike with steam and water blasting, so you can continue your day pretty much as if it never happened.

We’ll Take Care of Your Mould

Now that you know the benefits of dry ice blasting for your mould problems, you need to know where to go in order to get the best ice blasting services for your home. We’re just the right people to help you do that.

At Ontario Mould Specialists, we are the leading experts in handling and eliminating mould and other harmful materials from where they don’t belong. We offer indoor air quality testing, dry ice blasting, mould remediation, asbestos removal, and more.

Ready to get started making your house a healthier home? Give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll be ready to help. We look forward to helping your home become mould-free!

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