Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Water Damage

Thousands of Canadian businesses are in potential danger of flooding each year. 

Damage from events such as snowmelt, overflowing rivers, heavy rains, and damaged plumbing are all common causes of commercial water damage. Water damage can cause many lasting complications if not taken care of the proper way.

These effects can impact all aspects of your business. Do you know what to do if it happens to you? Keep reading to learn more. 

My Business Is Water Damaged, What Do I Do?

The best first step to recovery is to contact a restoration service. 

It is tempting to try and clean up the damage to your business yourself but avoid this. Water damage almost always goes beneath the surface. Internal structures in your building and potential health risks are both common. 

A professional service that is experienced and understands these threats can help you. Restoration services have the equipment and knowledge to tackle tough situations. They can ensure that your business recovers and that no one’s health is at risk. 

What Are Common Risks Associated with Commercial Water Damage?

Structural damage is the first concern that must be addressed. 

If water is not removed fast and with efficient means, it can lead to damage to walls and floors. Water can cause warping of the boards and studs of your business. 

Structures that are made of harder materials are still at risk. Drywall can rot, and damage to the wiring of the building is very common. Removing the water quickly is vital to continuing operation and limiting the cost of the damage. 

The threat goes well beyond just damaged carpets and drywall. When water invades a structure, it can settle behind the walls, and under the floors.

Moisture trapped in these areas can cause mould to grow. If this should happen then your health is now at risk.

Is Cleaning up the Water Enough?

Unfortunately, while it is the first step, it is not enough. The nature of water damage means that you will need to take extra measures to thoroughly resolve the problem. Properly removing the water will prevent continued damage, but it won’t stop what has already been done. 

First, you should get the damage inspected and treated by professionals looking for further damage. Speaking to a business with experience like Ontario Mould Specialists is a good place to start your recovery. They will be able to help not only with mould but also the task of removing insulation damaged from the flood. 

Let Professionals Deal with the Mess

The risks of flood damage go far beyond just what the water will do. Dealing with this damage means that you have to go beyond just the surface. 

Trying to deal with mould and damage on your own can lead to expensive mistakes. It can also put the health of your business at serious risk. The best thing you can do for your business is to take the threat seriously. 

Reach out to those who can help educate you on how to prevent future damage, and how to deal with the damage that has already occurred. Your health and that of your employees could be at risk, and that could destroy your business. 

Contact us today to have your commercial water damage cleaned the proper way.

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