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Your Go-To Mould Remediation Service Providers in Burlington

You won’t have to worry about mould when you have the best mould removal in Burlington from us.

In case mould is spreading left and right in your home or workspace, you must know that it is a common occurrence. Mould doesn’t just diminish the aesthetics of your space but can cause several health issues as well like allergies and respiratory problems. We will ensure that you and your companions are completely safe from the mould menace.

We provide various services like mould inspection in Burlington along with mould removal, attic insulation, flooding, and asbestos removal. We will follow our systematic process to get rid of that nasty mould once and for all! Along with this, our emergency response team is always available at your service.

Our expert inspectors will inspect the mould on your property and give the right quote as well. Get in touch with us or call 1-855-667-4968 to get the finest mould removal services in Burlington.


We’re Your Ultimate Mould Elimination Destination!

It’s our guarantee that you will get the best mould remediation in Burlington from us! Contact 1-855-667-4968 now!

  • attic Mould

    Is attic Mould troubling you?

    With our expert attic insulation services in Burlington, your space will once again become healthy.

  • property’s value

    Stressed about your property’s value taking a hit?

    Get a great market appeal for your property with our mould testing in Burlington along with skilled removal.

  • breathe easily indoors

    Want to breathe easily indoors?

    We promise you’ll get a pristine and healthier living environment once we do the mould removal in your place at Burlington.

  • flooded basement fixed

    Looking to get your flooded basement fixed?

    If you want the basement to be like how it was earlier, get in touch with us. We will provide quick cleanup, drying and restoration of your flooded basement.

Get Back Your Health With Our Dependable Services

Impactful Solutions for Mould, Flooding, Asbestos & More

  • Inspection/Testing

    We will do a thorough mould inspection at your place using the most cutting-edge technology. Contact us for the inspection, and we’ll ensure you breathe easily again at your place.

  • Mould Removal

    Our environment-conscious approaches and certified team members will make your place completely mould-free. Have our mould removal services in Burlington and get back your family’s health.

  • Flooding

    It’s time to get rid of the damage caused by the flood to your basement. Let our experts provide quick flood damage recovery. Our process will involve drying, cleaning, and waterproofing the basement, which will diminish the possibility of future mould growth.

  • Asbestos Removal

    Say goodbye to asbestos forever and live without any stress. We’ll remove even the last trace of asbestos and dispose of it so that you remain healthy.

  • Attic Insulation

    Get amazing attic insulation from us. Our mould prevention approaches will provide a definite solution for you!

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Our Services

  • Residential Services

    Residential Services

    Mould is commonly found in all areas of a house. You deserve to breathe in safe and healthy air. Get our top-rated residential mould removal services in Burlington.

  • Commercial Services

    Commercial Services

    Make your office a lot more healthy and efficient with our finest commercial services in Burlington. It’s time to make your workspace free of pollutants.

Seamless Process, Sustainable Solutions

  • Inspection/Testing

    When we do advanced mould inspection in Burlington, we will find out the mould which is not even visible commonly. They should be dealt with firmly as they can cause health issues to everyone living in the home.

  • Containment

    Before the removal process, we perfectly seal off the impacted areas so that the mould doesn’t spread further and protect your home’s atmosphere.

  • Removal

    Our skilled professionals remove every type of mould by using the most result-oriented methods whose results last pretty long.

  • Protection

    Once the mould removal is done, we make sure that the mould spores don’t return with the help of our advanced treatments. That’s how your home is protected for a long time to come.

  • Drying

    We use the most innovative drying methods so that the moisture is gotten rid of once and for all, fostering a mould-proof environment.

  • Verification

    At last, we carefully verify each detail of the removal process so that you are completely satisfied. Alongside this, we provide a certificate listing the lab analysis and do a thorough air test as well.

Have a breath of clean air at your home or office with our proven mould removal services in Burlington.

Your Partner in Pursuit

Your Partner in Pursuit of Your Home’s Well-Being

Are you worrying about the presence of mould in your home? If your answer is a big yes, you must know that mould spores, along with flooding damage and asbestos fibres, can negatively affect your family’s health. However, Ontario Mould Specialists are here to find out the hidden issues related to mould. We will get rid of them with our experience and skills.

Guaranteeing the wellness of your home, we promise the following:-
  • Effective communication

  • Time-bound solutions

  • Assured outcomes

  • Crystal clear process

  • Competent support

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell that I have mould in my home?

You should look for signs like musty odours, visible mould growth, water leaks, along with water damage. Our mould inspectors will conduct a comprehensive assessment to ascertain the presence of mould.

Do I have to remove the mould myself?

It’s not at all recommended to remove the mould yourself. The reason behind this is that mould spores become airborne, which can cause health issues. Contact us for it now.

What is the total cost of mould removal?

The total cost depends on the extent of the mould in your place along with the severity of infestation. Get in touch with us right away to know about the total cost.

How long will it take to remove the mould?

The duration depends upon the extent of the mould contamination along with the total affected area. You can call us to find out how long will it take to get rid of the mould in your home or office.

What’s the guarantee that your mould removal methods are safe for my family and pets?

We follow eco-friendly products and sustainable techniques to get rid of mould. Our technicians are specifically trained to ensure the health and well-being of your family and pets. So, we guarantee that our mould removal process will be completely safe.