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Are you concerned about the presence of mould in your living space? It’s a serious concern because mould has a lot of bad implications for your health and can cause a lot of issues as well. But worry not because Ontario Mould Specialists are here to get rid of that mould! We provide customized mould remediation Barrie services. Some of the other services we provide are inspections, asbestos removal, flooding, attic insulation, etc.

Our mould removal inspector will do a thorough inspection of your space and give you a fair quote as well.


The Best Mould Removal Barrie Solution

To have the finest mould removal services in Barrie, trust Ontario Mould Specialists. Call 1-855-667-4968 now!

  • Does your attic have significant mould?

    Let us handle that attic mould with our attic insulation services in Barrie.

  • Is your property’s resale price decreasing?

    With our mould remediation services, your property’s resale value will definitely increase.

  • Need to improve your home’s air quality?

    We will ensure that your home’s internal environment is pristine and easy to breathe.

  • Has your basement been flooded recently?

    Our flooding restoration services will provide you with quick cleanup, drying, and restoration of the basement as well.

Safeguard Your Home with Our Proven Solutions

Time-Tested Solutions for Flooding, Asbestos & Mould

  • Inspection/Testing

    Have an in-depth mould inspection with cutting-edge technology. Book your assessment and give yourself a chance to breathe freshly.

  • Mould Removal

    Get your healthy home back with the most sustainable methods. Your family’s health is of supreme importance, so get our mould remediation Barrie services.

  • Flooding

    Flood damage can last for a long time, so, let our experts provide you with flood recovery. We will completely dry and waterproof the basement negating the possibility of mould growth.

  • Asbestos Removal

    Get rid of asbestos and live without any stress. We will remove the asbestos and protect your home.

  • Attic Insulation

    In case you have got mould in your attic, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for our attic insulation services in Barrie and say goodbye to mould growth.

Our Expertise

  • Residential Services

    Mould can grow in any place inside your home. You can ensure a healthy atmosphere inside your home with our fine residential mould removal Barrie services.

  • Commercial Services

    Protecting your office space from mould is crucial to have productivity in each department. Let us help you with our top-rated mould remediation Barrie services to get the efficiency back in your workspace.

Proven Steps, Amazing Results

  • Inspection/Testing

    We have proven inspection approaches that expose mould hidden in corners. You shouldn’t let mould remain undetected, as it can impact your family’s health.

  • Containment

    Even when the remediation process starts, we seal off the impacted areas and don’t let the mould grow further. As a result, your indoor environment is protected.

  • Removal

    Our skilled professionals don’t leave even a tiny bit of mould behind. We use proven strategies to provide you with a lasting solution.

  • Protection

    Once the removal is done, we use specific treatments so that mould spores don’t return ever and provide you with a lasting solution.

  • Drying

    We also use innovative drying techniques to get rid of moisture and to maintain an environment where mould has no survival chance.

  • Verification

    We put our best foot forward and verify what we have done in the mould removal process. As a result, you get a clean breathing space that is completely mould-free.

Breathe freely once again with our skilled mould removal Barrie services.


Your Guarantee for Healthy Living

Are you worried about hidden mould in your home? It’s a serious matter which needs an immediate solution, as mould spores, flooding, and asbestos can jeopardize your family’s health. You need the best mould remediation Barrie services to get rid of the mould. At Ontario Mould Specialists, we get rid of these issues and provide you with a certain peace of mind.

This is how we make your home healthy:-
  • Amazing support

  • Crystal-clear process

  • Promised results

  • Timely process

  • Helpful communication

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common signs of mould?

The common signs of mould are visible growth, musty odour, respiratory symptoms, and dampness. If you’re seeing these signs, contact us for mould remediation Barrie services.

Is mould dangerous for me and my family?

Yes, mould is dangerous as it poses significant health risks. In case you don’t address it in time, it can prove to be harmful.

What is the duration of the mould removal process?

It depends on how bad the mould is. You can get your place inspected to know how much time it will take.

What is the process of mould removal?

The mould removal process includes many steps. Some of those steps are assessment, containment, removal, cleaning, drying, and prevention.

How much does mould removal cost?

You can contact us to learn about our mould removal Barrie packages.