An Eco-Friendly Cottage Opening – Surprises on the Other Side of the Door?

Here are just a few of the dozens of reasons to have a eco-friendly cottage; it provides a retreat from city living, it is an easy place to explore other landmarks, and is a great investment for your retirement years.

Our Canadian May 24th long weekend traditionally sees Canada’s highways and roads groaning with the weight of cars and SUVs packed with fresh salads, crisp bed sheets and new flashlight batteries. All are headed on their journeys to open their winter-comatose cottages.

The moment before that cottage door opens is like a surprise visit to a friend’s place; one can never be sure of what one is about to see.

Who doesn’t love a surprise during a cottage opening? A mouse and her pups nest in the kitchen cupboard, that’s who. Of course, you should scoop the nest with the babies into a small cardboard box and set it outside near the hole so that she can move them elsewhere. 

Cottages that have been sealed all winter become more than a home for local animals. They become candidates for mould growth. Mould can make people and pets sick and cause throat and lung irritation, so if you see a lot of mould, you must call a mould specialist. Contrary to some ideas, bleach only whitens mould and hides its smell.

In the Muskoka, Saugeen, and Haliburton areas, Ontario Mould Specialists is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and we proudly have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

‘Removing Mould is our Specialty’

A website full of 5-star reviews, as well as winning the 2021 Consumer Choice award for ‘Mould Remediation’ proves we do it well.
cottage basket container of flowers

You’ll want to keep a few other points in mind for the opening of your cottage:

Take tools to your cottage:

Remember to take those batteries, your Red Green duct tape, good scissors or metal sheers, and a roll of screening. A hammer, nails, a variety of screws and screwdrivers for parts that have disengaged from one another during the winter is a good idea too. For the adventurous, a small electric or battery chainsaw, but most importantly for most of us, the phone number of a local handyman.

Use organic soaps and shampoos. Also, take eco-friendly cleansers for a possible mild mould infiltration:

All products that are added to the cottage water system will exit into the natural environment and waterways. Therefore, natural cleaning supplies and body products should be used. Don’t forget cleaning brushes of varied sizes. Always buy ‘septic-safe’ paper products that are 100% paper, not 50% plastic.

Read here to learn how natural ingredients can help with a minor mould issue. White vinegar and baking soda with dish soap does help lesser mould infestations.

Consider reducing your plastic and Styrofoam waste:

Take lidded everything. Not only do reusable containers (BPA-free) mean you can take lots of food with you that will leave no waste afterwards, but lids for everything: flour, sugar, or nuts will ensure the animals that visit your cottage will see it has nothing for them, after testing the possibility a number of times and finding nothing to eat, they will move on.

You should take protective gear, medical gear and natural insect deterrents:

Replenish the first aid kit, air out the rain gear and check rubber boots for country-mouse cousins. Take a tarp for emergency roofing issues, and use eco-friendly insect spray. The touted, natural mosquito spray companies actually harm the ecosystem; the poisonous spray kills all insects, including bees, butterflies, soft-bodied amphibians and fish which means these crucial food sources for birds and ground animals are removed from the ecosystem. Use fans or screening or read here for great alternatives to poisonous spray.

We love the aliveness that comes with cottages, the balance of nature, and a recognition of it. At Ontario Mould Specialists, we believe that keeping our cottages as natural as possible is always a good thing.

However, some live things like mould can genuinely cause health problems. So make sure you take our phone number with you to your cottage opening this coming season. We serve all of Ontario.

Call us toll-free: 1 855 667 4968 or locally in the London area: 519 866 3137. Visit our site:



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