The OMS Method for Mould Remediation

Once you have had our inspector to your home for your free visual assessment, the inspector would have given you a verbal quote and if requested a written quote, for the remediation.  At times there could be options on the removal depending upon various issues such as where the mould is, the size of the mould, as well as costs.

Our remediation may include setting up containment, using certified equipment, creating negative air pressure, hepa vacuuming and fogging with an antimicrobial when completed.

Some of the options could include removal of drywall in areas of non-supporting structures, abrasive or non-abrasive cleaning, dry ice blasting and chemicals.

All of the work we perform is guaranteed.

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We can perform various testing including – Indoor Air Quality Testing, Radon, Asbestos, Methane Gas, Toxic VOC’s, Mould, Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide.
We can also Remove & Remediate – Mould, Asbestos Type 1 & 2, Vermiculite (Asbestos Free)


ontario mould specialists


ontario mould specialists